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The city-state of Dumecia is the oldest known human settlement in the world. Its history goes back at least 10,000 years. Only the Elvari Union has a longer recorded history.


Dumecia is governed by the Druid Court, who commune with the spirits of the wild to chart the course of the city's future, as they have done since the dawn of history.

There are four courts each year, one per season, and each is unique.

  • The Summer Court consists of young adults (age 16-31). Summer is a time for growth and development.
  • The Autumn Court consists of adults (age 32-63). Autumn is a time for planning and preparation.
  • The Winter Court consists of elders (age 64+). Winter is a time for wisdom and reflection.
  • The Spring Court consists of children (age 1-15). Spring is a time for new ideas and fresh perspectives.


  • Birthdays in Dumecia are traditionally celebrated on the first day of the season in which the person was born, rather than the exact day. The whole city is decorated with seasonal flowers to mark the occasion, and people born in that season are often given small gifts by businesses in the city.
  • Haarendag ("Rabbit's Day") - celebrated once every 8 years on 48 Autumn (16 Temos), the one day out of the 8 year cycle when the animals and monsters of the Wilds and elsewhere are allowed into the city to speak with the Druid Court and seek mediation and reparations.
  • Year's Turning - celebrated through the heptinus every year to mark the new year, the streets are decorated with garlands and ribbons and filled with market stalls, games of skill and chance, performers of all sorts, and of course many revelers celebrating the new year.