Elvari Union

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Shhh! This page discusses secret knowledge which would not be known to most characters in this setting. If you're a player in this setting and worried about metagaming, begone!

The Elvari Union was a nation of Elves on the island of Wryth that existed for some 500 centuries before being destroyed in the Wrythian cataclysm in AY 702. It was ruled over from time immemorial by Viserus the Eternal, a quasi-divine god-king.

The Union consisted of three "petals" (castes) as symbolized by the lucora flower, a symbol of national identity. These castes were:

  1. The Light Elves, the ruling caste who governed the lower castes from their gold and marble towers.
  2. The Wood Elves, the middle caste who hunted in the forests of Wryth and worked the fields that fed the great cities.
  3. And the Dark Elves, the lowest caste, who toiled in the mines beneath the earth extracting precious metals and gemstones.

This structure remained in place for the first 200 centuries of the Union's existence, before the Dark Elves were finally able to revolt against their tyrannical masters. For this crime, the Dark Elven city was banished into the void for millennia until their artificers were able to harness the power of the void itself and force their way back into the mortal realm, destroying Wryth in the process.