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Note: This article is written from the perspective of the Third Era. It should be expanded to cover the other Eras.

Domren is the de facto capital city of Belgrit (the actual seat of government is the Belgritian Parliament Ship) and the second largest city in the world, after Araxia. It is located on the island of Arthan and is known for its port and its magnificent belltower.

Points of Interest

  • Docks District
    • The Rusty Anchor (Inn) - A cheap inn with a massive and, yes, rusty anchor sitting outside the front door. It's a decent place to stay, if you don't mind the smell from the fishery. The menu is focused on seafood and the bar stocks a variety of liquor and beer but has few options for wine. It is frequented by sailors. There's a tradition of kissing the anchor for luck, especially before going on a long voyage.
    • The Mermaid's Pearl (Brothel) - The only such establishment in the city, operating via a legal loophole. Officially, it's an inn that rents its beds by the hour. If there happens to be a diverse group of attractive people who spend time in the lobby and ask to share rooms with other guests, that's none of their business! There may or may not be a secret entrance for guests who are extra protective of their privacy.
    • The Fishery - Exactly what it sounds like. This is where the catch of the day comes in from the docks via the many fishing boats that trawl the waters around the Belgritian isles. Local favorites include cod, razorfin, castrel, golden octopus, filigreed eel, flicker shrimp, and striped mussels.
    • Jameson Smithy - Domren's only blacksmith,
  • Mercantile District
    • The Bronze Rose (Inn) - A modest inn with a hammered bronze rose on the sign and a small rose garden out front. The proprietor is Margaret Haston, a patient and welcoming woman who runs the place with the help of her sons Theo (bartender) and Caleb (cook). The Rose, as it's affectionately known by those who frequent the establishment, does not serve liquor, but they do offer a fair selection of beer and wine along with their meals, as well as coffee and tea. The rooms are comfortable and well lit, and a fresh cut rose from the garden is left in a vase by the bed whenever a room is made up.
    • Spice Alley (Eatery) - A diverse market of food stalls packed tight into a narrow side street. There's a bit of everything - spicy noodles or maqvah from Al-Uqh, mushroom tiracci from Araxia, barley stew from Ambervale, Dholish reindeer sausage rolls, smoked Dumecian waxfish... You name it, you can probably find it here. Although if you want the "authentic" experience, you might need to be quite insistent about it. The locals tend to have a limited tolerance for what other cultures call "flavor."
    • Quilldry's (Hat Shop) - An upscale haberdasher run by a gnomish man named Pembleton Quilldry. He has a penchant for the dramatic, but he's surprisingly adept at reining this quality in when it doesn't serve the customer well - his shop features many practical and popular designs as well as the outrageous and absurd. But nothing at Quilldry's is cheap.
    • Barle and Simmons (Tailor) - A tailor shop selling well-made and practical clothing primarily in the local fashions. Not the cheapest place, but not a rip-off either. You can expect to pay a fair price for good work that will last many years. Owned and operated by Cressida Barle and Benjamin Simmons, the current co-owners of the dual-family business.
  • Tower District
    • Domren Tower - The structure for which the district is named, this is a belltower with a four-octave carillon. The carillonist is a woman named Malgosia Five-Towers, the daughter of the nobleman Atrius Five-Towers. The belltower is a source of pride and identity for residents of Domren. It chimes automatically every hour, and Malgosia often plays songs after the noon chime.