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Belgrit is an archipelagic nation to the southwest of the continent of Delun known for its maritime history and dominant culture and language, which is spoken throughout the world even more so than Araxian. Belgrit's de facto capital city, Domren, is the second largest city in the world after Araxia.


Island Land Area Population
Arthan 30,000 mi2
Brynlee 7,500 mi2
Norrin 5,000 mi2
Myrth 3,100 mi2
Tannick 2,700 mi2
Vaylee 2,500 mi2
Yimmit 2,300 mi2
Brazen 1,200 mi2
Brine 1,100 mi2


The government of Belgrit is a representative democracy whose nine "kingdoms" each elect by popular vote a number of representatives proportionate to their populations to fill the 512 seats of the lower "Aft" house of parliament. The upper "Forward" house of parliament consists of 128 noble peers: 14 each appointed by the reigning monarchs of the nine kingdoms, plus two more who are representatives of the Church of the Divine Construction.

The Forward and Aft houses of Parliament are named for their respective locations on the Belgritian Parliament Ship. The names of the dominant political parties (Port and Starboard) likewise come from the seating arrangements within the Aft House.

Peers of the Forward House

Arthan Brazen Brine Brynlee Myrth
Peter Mulford Ivy Day Ian Nelville Austin Bailey Ruth Treadway
Roland Penna Lois Martin Zachary Ruxton Celia Cooper Emmeline Cooper
Leopold Carter Veronica Paulson Eslpeth Dawnheart Jack Woodmore Ruben Whitemore
Gwendolyn Chapman Marguerite Wilkinson Violet Applegard Harold Stevenson Gertrude Cox
Brinley Minear Bryn Dimmick Euphemia Maltrice Morgan Cavalier May Marriott
Alexina Dupree Laura Snellgrove Edmund Brightstone Marion James Phyllis Breedon
Amy Thompson Susan Gatrell Lionel Shoalwold Lottie Dimmick Harold Wood
David Levene Anne Course Harvey Farncomb Christiana Lawrence Cornelius Olney
Rachel Costen Evan Flitter Adelia Sawsend George Carter Samuel Mulford
Acacia Lawrence Joyce Harrison Sibylline Lambrook Rees Argall Lucilla Titchener
Bertram Eastes Doris Course Daisy Bridgefield Alexandrina Turney Edgar Buckett
Eric Levene John Hooper Adelaide Chalkstone Cordelia Hayes Doroth Marriott
Henriette Lampshire Percy Liddiard Theresa Chambers Alma Ricken Roderick Barker
Gladys Freemantle Albert Hibben Ronald Bellguard Maggie Hancock Linda Andrews
Norrin Tannick Vaylee Yimmit Church
Eric Curnow Lavender Pinnick Owen Starks Cordelia Bird Russel Chesterman
Bryn Engel Alexandrina Minear Briallen Angrove Rose Andrews Mary Wellard
Louise Leal Ethel Linger Harold Starks Eileen Wheeler
Annabella Keep Julia Posner Ben Booth Percy Quelch
Johanna Ellingham Ella Turner Jane Taylor Willie Prior
Davina Lobb Grace Tomlinson Irene Pearce Ruth Briarhollow
Alice Robinson Rachel Ashwell Douglas Giles Malcolm Lale
Lewis Wilson Hector Lobb Malcolm Baker Percy Fuchs
Lillian Aldworth Murdo Leal Harris Trevorrow Adam Brading
George Morley Millicent Whitecrest Flossie Bouchard Simon Lale
Celia Snellgrove Emma Spray Rosie Hills Edwin Harston
Jeanie Privett Gavin Hollow Timothy Hitchens Archibald Northway
Valentine Durling Mary Hillsdale Elizabeth Reis Lawrence Klein
Leonard Leal Lydia Barkstone Anthony Angrove Trevor Lambourne

Allocation of Representatives of the Aft House

Island Representatives Port Party Starboard Party
Arthan 262 118 (45%) 144 (55%)
Brynlee 124 50 (40%) 74 (60%)
Norrin 64 36 (56%) 28 (44%)
Myrth 27 16 (60%) 11 (40%)
Tannick 18 8 (44%) 10 (55%)
Vaylee 9 5 (56%) 4 (44%)
Yimmit 4 2 (50%) 2 (50%)
Brazen 2 1 (50%) 1 (50%)
Brine 2 1 (50%) 1 (50%)
Total 512 237 (46%) 275 (54%)


Elections take place at least once every 8 years, or whenever a snap election is called for. Each party produces a list of candidates for each county, and those representatives are elected in order proportionate to the number of seats won by the party. Each citizen casts one vote in their district of residence for the party of their choice.

Citizens abroad at the time of an election receive a ceramic tile glazed in yellow on one side and blue on the other, representing the two major parties. They can cast a vote for one or the other by placing a drop of their blood on the side of the tile representing their preference, causing their vote to be magically conveyed to the election office in the district in which they are registered.


Main article: Religion

The dominant religion in Belgrit is the Church of the Divine Construction, a religious conception of the world as a perfect system in which each individual plays their part in contributing to a larger whole. That said, it is not uncommon to find followers of other faiths in Belgrit. The cults of Yona and Vexa are particularly well established.