Character Creation

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D&D 5e

  1. Generate ability scores using any of the normal methods:
    • Roll 4d6, drop lowest, may reroll if sum of modifiers < 2
    • Standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
    • Point buy (27 points) - calculator
  2. Choose a Race, Class, and Culture
    • Consult the compatibility tables below
    • Light Elf = High Elf, Catfolk = Tabaxi, Dark Elf = Drow
  3. Ignore the standard 5e language rules and instead choose languages according to the Languages page
  4. Create character backstory elements:
    1. Immediate family - names, occupations, ages, where they live (or how they died)
    2. Reason for becoming an adventurer

Race/Class/Culture Compatibility

Your character's Culture may be determined by where they are from or where their parents are from. Some Cultures limit Race and Class options.

Common1 Dumecian Henge Dhol Dvergur2 Wild Wrythian
Light Elf
Wood Elf
Catfolk Al-Uqh
Lizardfolk Al-Uqh
Dark Elf
Common1 Dumecian Henge/Dhol3 Dvergur2 Wild Wrythian
Barbarian 3 Dwarf
Bard ⚠️3
Fighter 3 4
Monk Ao Human Lizardfolk
Rogue 3 4
Sorcerer Gnome
Warlock Gnome
Wizard Gnome
Artificer Gnome


  1. Common includes Araxia, Al-Uqh, Ao, Ambervale, Belgrit, and Ordinatus
  2. Dvergur is the common culture of the Dwarven / Gnomish subterranean settlements of Dvivverdelv, Zur-Tanak, and Kazdim.
  3. Henge and Dhol share a common culture in which magic is forbidden. A character from this culture cannot be any subclass with the Spellcasting feature or access to any spells (e.g. Arcane Trickster, Eldritch Knight) A special exemption is made for the Bard: Dholish/Hengian bards replace Spellcasting with a feature called Skald's Craft, which grants limited access to the Bard spell list to only those spells which can be justified as non-magical effects, e.g. Animal Friendship, Bane, Calm Emotions, and Comprehend Languages. Spells which cannot be explained in this manner (Mage Hand, Light, Thunderwave) are not available.
  4. Dwarves cannot be Eldritch Knights or Arcane Tricksters